buying a carpet for your home

Carpets are a great addition to living room for the vibrancy and comfort they provide. Often, they can complement your room’s color theme as well, but there are a few things you should know before purchasing any new carpet for living spaces.
At Royal Infinity, we constantly strive to keep up with changing customer tastes and needs in the living space enhancing department. Being one of the best suppliers of carpets in Dubai, we’ve heard from our customers the common checklists that they use to make the right decision when it comes to carpet choices. Here are some of them:

1. Carpet prices comes first

There are a great many varieties of carpet styles and materials that you can choose from, so it’s important that you fix your budget to find the best one that fits within your affordable range.
We suggest you use stain-resistant carpeting which is a bit expensive but perfect for living rooms where people frequently use it. As it is one of the most used rooms in the home and one that’s where your guests frequent, it’s advisable to use the most expensive of your choices right in your living room.

Another option which you can consider is tile carpeting. This is an economic way of carpeting as they can be easily replaced as stain and wear degrade them with time. Perfect for households with pets and children, tiled carpeting is cheap and easy to install, although it may last much lesser than other types of carpets available today. Made of cheaper materials, these are also used for stairs and basements.

2. Warranty comes second

Buying expensive rugs and carpets is one thing, but getting a really limited warranty on them could prove an expensive mistake if you’re not careful. Although different manufacturers offer different warranties, your best bet can be the brand that offers at least a couple of years of warranty.

As warranties protect you from manufacturing defects and other repairs or full replacements that are not your fault, it’s always best to ask your supplier about the most reliable brands and the ones that provide the most in warranty periods. Chances are, both will be more or less the same brands.

Another aspect when it comes to warranty is whether you’re maintaining the carpet the right way to claim warranty if any major damage is caused to the carpet or rug. Usually, carpets come with their warranty guidelines, including the cleaning and maintenance steps to be followed for maximum longevity of the product.

There are other specific warranties that manufacturers often provide, such as stain warranties, crush or wear and tear warranties, and so on. One thing to make sure of is to communicate clearly any defects you find while installation.

3. The right maintenance goes a long way

Another core concern that’s often closely related to the carpet’s warranty is its maintenance. As mentioned before, manufacturers often provide clear maintenance guidelines to keep them without defects for years.
One thing to keep in mind here is the frequency of cleaning your carpets. If your carpets are prone to stains regularly, it’s better to avoid shag carpets as they are tough to clean and maintain. Also, cheaper options could help you replace them easily if they are stained to the point of no repair.

One crucial factor that must be considered while choosing your carpets is their color. Bright colored carpets are difficult to maintain as they almost always highlight the dirt on them, and thus are not suitable for rough use. Dark patterns and designs are often favored due to this.

As we help customers with carpet installation in Dubai, at Royal Infinity we’ve made it a point to help them know the right way to maintain them as well, so that when it comes to carpets and rugs, they get the most out of their purchase without compromising on quality.

4. Proper padding for the right feel

Your well-chosen carpets can fall short on comfort if it is laid out without proper padding. While carpets comfort our feet, they also reveal the roughness of the surface beneath them, making it prickly for uneven surfaces.

We’ve seen customers use low-grade material as padding to save money while laying out carpets on rough floors. While this is a temporary fix, using subpar materials as padding for carpets can speed up their wearing process. For maximum comfort and life of carpets, they must have the proper foundation to rest on preventing unwanted wear and tear.

While thinking of covering floors with comfortable carpets, make it a practice to have the right padding to go with it. Carpet shops in Dubai always suggest the right padding that could help increase your comfort without spending much on it. So you must never miss this step.

5. Selecting the right carpet provider

This may seem like a simple choice now, as we can buy almost everything off the internet. While that’s an easy choice, you definitely would benefit from getting your carpets from established suppliers that specialize in the product.
There are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to carpets and rugs, so it’s always better to get directions from the experts in the industry. Established flooring companies often have trained staff who can guide us through our process of selecting the right carpet for our needs.

The best companies that supply carpets also provide installation services to ensure even surfaces and avoid damages while installation of carpets. Carpets and rugs in Dubai are best bought from suppliers who have years of experience in the industry. More than just the basics, they can help you be aware of the choices available in the market and help clear your doubts about the long-term maintenance of carpets.

At Royal Infinity, we help customers find carpets that best suit their rooms and budget. We also take special care in educating our customers about the wide variety of options they can choose from and also help with the installation ensuring a happy carpet shopping experience.

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