How To Purchase And Install Wall To Wall Carpet

Carpet is a big decision for your home, but that doesn’t mean it has to cause a headache. Get my best tips and tricks to select, purchase and install wall to wall carpet, without the stress.

I’ll break it down into a simple step by step guide, helping you understand the timeline, process, and things to consider as you begin planning!

You may not notice from room reveals, but a lot of thought and planning goes into each space – including a lot of overthinking. Carpet is a huge decision that can singlehandedly transform your home, so selecting the right style, color and product is important.

Fortunately, Lowe’s makes the process effortless. I would know – we have installed carpet a total of fives times in four homes. New carpet makes the entire home feel clean and fresh.

We’ve used and loved many types of flooring in our different homes over the years. You can see our custom handscraped wood floors, brick flooring in our mudroom entry, and luxury vinyl plank in our basement.

How to Select Wall to Wall Carpet

There’s a lot to consider when you purchase and install carpet in your home, more than just the style of carpet. Of course, we all know that’s important too!

For example, consider its location in your home (for wear and tear), the material, its construction and any necessary upkeep. Some types of carpet require more maintenance to keep them looking new.

This carpet buying guide will help you narrow it down.

The Process of Buying and Installing Wall to Wall Carpet

Carpet suppliers make it easy to order and purchase carpet, plus have it professionally installed – all in a few simple steps.

1. Narrow Down Your Options

Shop in store and online to narrow down the best product for your lifestyle and aesthetic. Your timeline may also factor into what you select – some carpets are always in stock and can be installed within a couple weeks or sometimes even days while others are special order and may take slightly longer.

I absolutely love Stainmaster carpet because it stands up to our family. They have a PetProtect line that holds up great when pets and kids put it to the test. It’s even backed by a warranty!

2. Order Samples in Different Styles

Select your favorite style – berber, shag, patterned carpet, plush, or texture – and order samples so that you can touch and feel them. Consider the pros and cons of each style and how it fits with your needs.

For example, a high pile carpet will feel plush and soft underfoot, but it may also show more wear in high-traffic areas. Patterned or textured carpets are popular right now, such as ours with small squares or a subtle basket weave pattern.

3. Select a Pad

With the help of your local carpet store, choose the best pad for your needs and carpet selection. The type and thickness of pad you choose will depend on the carpet you purchase, so it’s important to rely on a professional for help with this decision.

Getting the right pad is essential for the lifetime wear of your carpet.

4. Test the Color

Order samples of your favorite pattern in your favorite colors. Place the samples against your molding so that you can see how the carpet plays with your wall color, built-in cabinetry, other flooring it will adjoin, and so on.

Test it in the morning, afternoon and evening in various locations of your home, so you can see its color in different lighting.

5. Professional Measure

Schedule a carpet measure. Within a few days, someone will measure your home and send a diagram for your approval. Once you approve the plan, you can order your carpet. You can read more about carpet measure here!

Pay particular attention to large rooms where there will be seams, to make sure you are okay with where the seams will be. Professionals plan for seams in a way that makes the most sense for the space, but you know your home and how you use your space.

In some instances, you may be able to arrange the placement so a seam will be away from a high-traffic zone or hidden underneath furniture.

6. Schedule Installation

When the carpet arrives into the holding facility or store, they will contact you to schedule a date that is convenient for you for your installation. They can let you know how much time the job is estimated to take, so you can plan on how much time you should reserve.

7. Get Ready for Installation Day

To prepare for your install, remove headboards, unplug and move any electronics, lamps, and pillows. They’ll remove the old carpet and pad and move the furniture for you!

8. That’s It!

Your friendly installation team will take care of the rest! They make the whole process or purchasing carpet so easy and painless, so you can sit back and enjoy the look and feeling of your new floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wall to wall carpet outdated?

While trends in flooring come and go, wall to wall carpeting is a soft, luxurious investment in your home that adds style and texture.

What are the advantages of wall to wall carpet?

It’s safe, it’s warm, and absorbs sound. It’s also luxurious underfoot and easy to customize to your tastes and the style of your home!

How long does carpet installation take?

Generally speaking, carpet installation can take anywhere from 2-3 hours and up to a full day. This of course is dependent on a variety of factors, including square footage and installation specifications.

What does wall to wall carpet cost?

Wall to wall carpet ranges anywhere from $3-$10 per square foot. Pricing is dependent on quality, of course. When you’re getting carpet installed, be sure to check on upcharges for padding and installation fees.

As you can see, since it’s our weekend home, we selected a lighter wall to wall carpet. The lake cottage doesn’t receive heavy wear and tear, but for safety’s sake, we selected Stainmaster, with easy to clean fibers.

You may also notice we have a basket at the door for shoes and a boot tray outside the kitchen door which both help keep dirt to a minimum.

Purchasing and installing wall to wall carpet should be fairly simple and stress free, once you know the process. Carpet isn’t the least expensive change you can make to your home, but it makes such a big difference in the overall feel of a space!

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