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Right Carpet for Your Kids’ Bedroom

Carpets provide an easy way to ensure perfect protective flooring in your kid’s room. As kids tend to run or fall often, a carpet can offer padded rigid support for smooth movement. Unique designed carpets will also add a lovely look and feel to your kid’s bedroom. Rugs made out of different materials come with various features such as easy-cleaning and high stain resistance. With the right bedroom carpet choice, you can give your kids a beautiful space to play, study, and perform other activities. These simple tips can help you pick the perfect carpet that your kids will love.

Layout and Design

As your kid’s bedroom is the loveliest space in your entire home, their carpet should have a unique look that compliments the carpets in another area. Before going up to clear choices, first, understand your kid’s room’s size and nature. This can help you determine the size and shape of carpet that will provide support on the floor and add a cozy look to the overall space.

Choose Right Fiber

Various carpet manufacturers offer different carpet fiber types that make it diverse in their quality and comfort. Wool is a primary hard-wearing form of fiber widely used in carpets. However, it is the hardest to clean and also highly not recommended if your kids have asthma issues. Nylon is a popular comforting carpet in Dubai that is long-lasting. Over time, nylon may tend to be less stain-resistant. On that ground, polypropylene fiber has a high tolerance to beaching and robust stain removal methods. It will offer a coarse surface on the flooring. Triexta can help you give your kid’s bedroom floors a soft and smooth texture with strong resilience to staining substances.

Pick an Ideal Color

Kids may usually tend to like baby pink color for their room. But, when it comes to carpets, you need to consider various factors, such as stains, rough usage, etc. You can experiment here with a darker shade like a tan brown color carpet for a significant portion of the room and a special small unique shaped rug to create a unique play area corner. This can help you have a dark-colored flooring across the room that can hide tough stain marks and a cozy corner with the color of your kid’s choice.

Carpet Pile Type

Cut-pile and Loop-pile are the two known carpet styles. Cut-pile carpets are popular for their comfortable texture that offers a smooth surface for the kids to roll over or play. The major disadvantage of this carpet style is it is likely to show pile reversal and may develop a faded texture in some areas over a while. Loop-pile is a harder wearing carpet style that is not very much prone to tracking or reversal. As it provides a tough and harder surface texture, your kids might not like to play over it. Sharp objects or your pet’s claws can pull-up the loops, making it look older.

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