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Different Colors in The Persian Carpets Mean?

Persian carpets in Dubai are characterized by the intricate designs and weaving method that has a rich cultural history. The unique tapestry and luxurious design styles are popularly favored for their impeccable creativity and craftsmanship. The materials, shades, and unique ancient patterns give special meanings and a clear depiction of their ancient history. Explore the importance of individual colors used in the Persian carpets to understand these artistic wonders truly.


Generally, green tends to be a color that represents health, prosperity, and development. In Persian carpets, this shade has a more sacred meaning, as emerald green is believed to be the great Prophet Mohammed’s favorite color. Along with this spiritual nature, the green color indicates hope and divine force in life when used in the delicate Persian designs.


Often used for expressing deep emotions and passion, red is a vibrant, energetic shade found in Persian rugs. Earlier derived from the madder root, the sophisticated red coloring emphasizes every minute weaving details. Considered as a symbolization of luck, red carpets have a strong positive vibe.


One of the popular colors used in weaving Persian designs, blue, has a deep association with our inner peace and tranquility. The inherent symbolization of trust makes blue a prominent color used to testify after-life. The sophisticated sapphire blue color in rugs signifies power and true hope.

Gold and Yellow

In ancient Persian culture, yellow and gold colors are linked to radiance and opulence. A supreme amalgamation of gold and brown colors was used to express wealth, prestige, and power. Golden and Yellow Persian rugs are accepted as a symbol of royalty and prominence.

Beige and White

The blissful aura of purity has been given a high significance in ancient Persian culture. The craftsmen use a creative fusion of white and beige colors to weave-in meticulous designs signifying innocence. It also provides the rugs a deep essence of natural glow and thus brightens up the floor. This bright color is used for making attractive Persian designs and motifs.

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