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Why You Should Buy Persian Carpets in Dubai

When it comes to interior decorations, carpets are a popular choice to add a distinctive and spacious look to the floorings. Persian carpets have been a widely desired rug type praised for their superior designs and excellent craftsmanship. Apart from being a simple decorative covering for the floor, Persian rugs have a deep-rooted, ancient history associated with every minute detailing involved in this weaving culture. With rich, intricate designs and a specific combination of colors, these carpets depict a clear depiction of artistic power in portraying inherent meanings. Here are a few compelling reasons that will urge you to buy a Persian carpet right away.

Authentic Beauty

These unique carpets are mostly hand-woven, and hand-knotted. The intense efforts involved in its creation ensure that all designs are diverse and depict the craftsmen’s outstanding creativity. The unique weaving culture has been widely based on specific ancient denotations and deep meanings. Given the rich cultural connotation, Persian carpets in Dubai are a luxury art piece rather than a simple floor cover.

Varied Types

With diverse material types and unique design specifications like motifs, Persian carpets are available worldwide. From premium quality silk Qum carpets to rich wool Isfahan and Kashan carpets are few examples of their diverse wonders that originated from specific regions in Iran. Each rug is crafted using a particular combination of designs and colors with superior quality natural materials.

Long-term Value

The concentrated hand-knotting technique adds an intense perfection and entirety to the Persian carpets. These carpets carry an antique value due to the authentic designs and rare craftsmanship involved in their creation. Over time, as the Persian rug designs evolve and improvise, old Persian carpets tend to hold a special place and price in the resale market.

Meaningful Designs

Be it floral designs or a particular motif, Persian rug designs carry a unique aesthetic beauty. The carpet patterns’ uniqueness varies based on various factors such as their geographic origin, specific crafting technique, and color combination, among others. These rugs have a unique position in the market due to their comprehensive meaning and artistic superiority.

Tough Fringes

Usually characterized by secured fringes or borders, Persian carpets are known for their durability. These borders prevent damage by holding the weaved fabrics intact. Usually, the carpet borders tend to be a significant starting point for substantial damages. Persian rugs stand firm on this ground. This can help you keep the carpets fresh and novel for a longer period.

Quick Damage Fixation

The high durability of Persian carpets makes it a popular choice. The carpet suppliers provide various techniques to maintain the rugs novel for a longer period. In case of any damages and rips, carpet restorers can quickly fix wear and tear without any significant expense. Tough stains and discoloration of Persian rugs can also be rectified promptly.

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